Marie van Vollenhoven

Blackwhite Game (wereldpremière)

donderdag 9 maart 2017 / 20:30 uur
geen pauze / 21:50 uur einde
AINSI Theaterzaal
Genre: Dans


New interdisciplinary show | World premiere | During TEFAF FESTIVAL


A multimedia piece. Dance, theatre, music and visual art. Live digital visuals, drawing, interaction design, stunning animations and video.


We invite you to choose black or white. "Should I choose?" Decide for yourself.

In the BLACKWHITE GAME we show a quest for harmony. Please travel with us from abstract figures, to quantum physics, to our contemporary society and into a love story.


Four performers will meet on stage to research a common language. With the most essential slices of time: the square, the circle and the triangle, we will build a musical, physical and projected universe in front of your eyes!


This performance also shows the tool that will be used in an artistic and scientific research project with an interdisciplinary team of artists and scientists from the Artificial Intelligence Department of Maastricht University next two years.


The project is supported by the European Union and the European Fund for Regional Development.







Marie van Vollenhoven: concept | directing | script | visual performance

Jesse Passenier: piano | drums | improvisation

Jo-An Westerveld: choreography - dance perfomance

Nina Willems: voice - theatral performance

Marq Claessen | Ton Oostveen: theatre scenery

Felix Herbst | Yascha Franken: Interaction design


A coproduction of VIA ZUID - Theater aan het Vrijthof | Jazz Maastricht | Intro in Situ | Maastricht University | IMPACT


side program
  • Neophilus - A multimedia performance on man, and the identity of technology by Abel Enklaar
  • Expo Marie van Vollenhoven


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