Choose seats:
  • You select the preffered seats by clicking on the free seats (blue) on the hall plan. It's possible to zoom in on the hall plan. On the right of your screen you can select the price type.
  • Make sure you don't leave any single seats open with your choice in seats.
  • Click after choosing your seats on the button 'Order'.
  • On tablet or phone it can appear that you have to click twice on the same seat to select it. 
Your order

Here you see an overview of all tickets you want to order. Select at 'delivery method' which way you'd like to receive your tickets. You van choose between 'e-tickets', 'cash desk' or 'post'.

At delivery method 'post' you pay once € 3,00 handling costs per order. Delivery method 'cash desk' applies when your order takes place within 7 days. 

Next go to the payment screen by clicking on 'Continue to order'. If you're still not logged in, you're asked to log in first or to make a new account. 

Need help with ordering online tickets?

Then contact our Uitbalie T. +31(0)43 350 5555 (accessible from mon till sat from 12.00 am till 06.00 pm) or send an email to