philharmonie zuidnederland

philharmonie zuidnederland is an ambitious and flexible symphony orchestra, lauded for its high quality, close cooperation, and appealing enthusiasm.

The orchestra is being led by CEO and artistic director Stefan Rosu. The passionate musicians deliver custom work on the highest, artistic level. In its fifth season, the orchestra is one full of confidence, as one of the cultural jewels of South-Netherlands society. The orchestra’s quality has even further improved under the driven baton of chief-conductor Dmitri Liss. He is part of the artistic triumvirate of the orchestra and counsels intendant Stefan Rosu and artistic programmer Jos Roeden about the programming and he is someone who by his many international relations can bring the best soloists to the South Netherlands Philharmonic. Because of the good working relationships with the chief-conductor and the improvements he and the orchestra managed to achieve, the decision was made to continue this fine collaboration. 

Innovation, cross-overs, crossing borders
& binding with the region

Although it is the ambition of the South Netherlands Philharmonic’s to improve to become one of the most pre-eminent orchestras in the Netherlands and to play along on the international level too, the orchestra will never lose sight of the fact that it exists first and foremost for the people of the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Limburg, and Zeeland. That means a responsibility the orchestra is delighted to take up. Which is why every season there is ample space for activities that touch the regional music experience, like Musica Sacra, Limburgish Christmas, Opera at the Parade, the Liberation Concert Margraten and of course the New Year’s and Carnival’s concerts, as well as the annual performances of the St Matthew Passion. Every time, the goal of course is to maximise accessibility and to maintain the highest quality.