Animato Kwartet | Olivia Ettema

Dutch Classical Talent

Animato Kwartet | Olivia Ettema

Dutch Classical Talent

What the Sacre du printemps was for orchestra music, Debussy's String quartet was for chamber music.

Debussy ended the pretty much set in stone structures of the string quartet. He wrote a piece full of exotic harmonies and melodies, and a floating, instable rhythm, with which he opened a new tonal world. It wasn't the first time Debussy left his critics with doubts in the concerthall. In three pieces for string quartet Stravinsky builds a bridge between the unpolished and more direct style of Petrushka and de Sacre du printemps to a more structered style of his neo-classical period.

The jury on the Animato Quartet: ‘Four great players with a bustling energy, they wrap you up from the first note! The quartet serves each other and the music is the great promise of the Dutch string quartets.'

Sun 19 Dec 2021
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 17.50
Classical - Chamber music

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String quartet op. 10

Hymn of the cherubin

Trois pièces for string quartet et al.

The talent trajectory Dutch Classical Talent, is a known concept in the Dutch classical music world. Under the laureates of Dutch Classical Talent there are several known names, such as: Tania Kross, Lavinia Meijer, Nora Fischer, Van Baerle Trio and the Berlage Saxophone Quartet. Through auditions, a jury chooses four top talents. These four young musicians will develop themselves through a coaching program and will tour the twelve largest concerthalls in the Netherlands to make themselves known. Their programs are tantalizing, current, moving and spectatular. This year it is a varied mix, namely with a singer, a percussion duo, a pianist and a cellist. Here you can hear the crème de la crème of musicians. The musicians of the future. 

Inga Våga Gaustad, Tim Brackman
Elisa Karen Tavenier
Pieter de koe