Muziek in het Bonnefanten

Maastrichtse Componisten herdenken Frans Mulder

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Composers of Maastricht pays homage to one of the too early lost sons of the city. Mulder wrote contemporary and accessible music and composed also in the lighter genre. 

Frans Mulder died in 2000 in the prime of his life at the age of 43. His compositions show a great sensitivity to timbre and form. He strove to write contemporary, accessible music. "Music is only good if you can continue to listen fascinated from start to finish". Chamber music in various small formations by Mulder comes to sound in the context of that of his Maastricht teachers Henri Delnooz and Robert HP Platz. Also the unknown, lighter songs of Mulder get the attention.

Ticket includes information and free access to the museum. 

Sun 2 Jun 2019
Price € 25
Classical - Chamber music

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The music program offers a wide repertoire and divers occupation, and every concert takes place in a different museum hall. Prior to the concerts, experts give an explanation of the artworks in relation to the music and ensembles.


Eight Movements for string quartet 

De Wereld een Dansfeest  
Viool & Marimba

Four Movements  
Klarinet, cello, piano

Passacaglia e Danza  
Klarinet, cello, piano

L’Étoile de Mer (muziek en film)
Sopraan, basklarinet, accordeon, marimba

Frits Widdershoven