Een levensreis in muziek

Marco Beasley & Stefano Rocco

Marco Beasley en Stefao Rocco Een levensreis in muziek

For a moment his special voice technique caused quite a stir, but soon they were over; the enormous charisma of the native Neapolitan Marco Beasley did the rest.

Audience favorite Marco Beasley looks back on his life

Making his voice sound as natural as possible is the starting point. This audience favorite made an autobiographical program with Due radici (Two roots), a meeting between North and South. In this sentimental journey he looks back on his life, in which two apparent extremes are united. The Italian-British tenor sings about life and death, love and loneliness, a smile and a tear in compositions as diverse as those of Monteverdi and Nick Drake.

This concert is part of the Early Music series.

Mon 17 May 2021
Sint Janskerk
Price € 25
Classical - Classical

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Priska Ketterer

Marco Beasley

Archlute / Baroque guitar
Stefano Rocco