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philharmonie zuidnederland

During these hectic corona times, connection with each other is a great loss. With this special program, philharmonie zuidnederland reflects on the collective emotions and experiences that have been the order of the day in recent times.

We all still recognize the collective chaos, insecurity and the feeling of unease at the beginning of the corona crisis. This concert is all about that chaos. The French baroque composer Rebel, for example, sketches a world without order with great guts and energy. Another special feature is Aart Strootman's new composition. We asked him to write a personal reflection on the current crisis time. This is expressed in a fascinating work for a 1.5 meter orchestra.

In addition, master pianist Dejan Lazić Webers performs sparkling piano music. And, last but not least, Haydn's 60th Symphony, which is not called Il Distratto (the scattered) for nothing. It is as if you heard an absent-minded musician who carelessly puts all his ideas on paper. Transparent music to lick your fingers, as you are used to from your philharmonie zuidnederland

'His poetic, shapely lines and vibrant dynamic effects make his music fresh, spontaneous and passionate'

New York Times on Dejan Lazić


'Piano virtuoso, master arranger and composer.
Lazić has the whole package'

Mark van de Voort, Zuiderlucht

Fri 25 Sept 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
19:00 - 20:00
Price € 32.50
Classical - Classical
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From Les Elements: Chaos

Composition for an  1,5 meter orchestra (world premiere)

Concert for piano en orchestra

 Symphonie nr 60 ‘Il Distratto’


Jun Märkl


Dejan Lazic


Lin Gothoni, Susie Knoll