Dúo Marévia

Klassiek op Zondag

Dúo Marévia - Klassiek op zondag

Dúo Marévia are saxophone player João Rodrigues (Portugal) and pianist María del Mar Moreno Raya (Spain). The group of chamber musicians formed in September of 2020, when the members met during their studies at the Maastricht Conservatory.   

With a lot of joy, talent and cohesion, this duo brings a formidable repertoire of chamber music. With both original works for saxophone and piano, as well as transcripts of pieces originally written for other intrsuments. The duo is being coached by Jean-Pierre Cnoops en Jeroen Riemsdijk.

Klassiek op zondag (Classical music on Sunday)
Theater aan het Vrijthof has embraced the art courses in Maastricht for many years. The concert by Dúo Marévia is part of the Talent Track-programme, with which we offer the young talent at the Maastricht Conservatory a stage in a series of Sundaymorning concerts in our intimate Bovenzaal at Theater aan het Vrijthof. Be surprised by the talented ensembles and solists. 

Sun 20 Feb 2022
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
11:30 - 12:30
Price € 10
Classical - Classical
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Incl. free coffee/tea & vlaai (pie) beforehand 



Paul Maurice
Tableaux de Provence
I. Farandoulo di chatouno
II. Cansoun per ma mio
III. La Boumiano
IV. Dis Alyscamps l'amo souspire
V. Lou Cabridan  

Takashi Yoshimatsu 
Fuzzy Bird Sonata
I. Run, Bird
II. Sing, Bird mov
III. Fly, Bird 

Willem Albright
II. La follia nuova: een klaagzang voor George Cacioppo

Barry Cockcroft
Melbourne Sonata
I. Go
II. Slow
III. Blow

Phill Woods
First movement


João Rodrigues


María del Mar Moreno Raya