Music Maestro

Dominic Seldis

Music Maestro Dominic Seldis

After last season's resounding success, Dominic Seldis is returning to theaters with his show Music, Maestro! As a double bass player, conductor and presenter, Dominic, the Dutch favorite Englishman, does not miss an opportunity to promote classical music to the widest possible audience.

With Music, Maestro! the energetic Briton brings together with his orchestra, consisting of nine top musicians, "an entertaining and spectacular musical journey", a show full of humorous personal stories, stunning video images and of course beautiful music. You even get four Dominics for the price of one. And who knows, you might be the lucky guy who can be a conductor for a moment.

Music, Maestro! is a unique musical adventure, in which world-class musicians provide hilarity and emotion. For fans of British humor, great music and entertainment!

Sun 13 Jun 2021
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 34.50
Premium seats € 39.50
Band A € 34.50
Classical - Classical

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English spoken




Dominic Seldis, Dave Murray, Rembrandt Frerichs, Vinsent Planjer, Myrthe Helder, Chris Lascae, Judith Wijzenbeek, Charles Watt, Marcel Geraeds, Janneke Groezs