Huelgas Ensemble en drie Fadistas


Huelgas Ensemble en drie Fadistas

Bewilderment and delight are what the Huelgas Ensemble concerts usually cause. Bewildered by the "new" sounds of old music. Delight by the extraordinary clarity of the vocals.

Years ago, Paul Van Nevel, artistic director of the Huelgas Ensemble, lost his heart to Lisbon, where he got to know the real fado in authentic eateries. In their songs of nostalgia and longing, the Portuguese have elevated resignation in fate to art: after all, the word fado is derived from the Latin fatum, fate. The absolute king of the fadistas is António Rocha, who, according to Van Nevel, sings even better every day at the age of eighty-one. The Belgian Huelgas Ensemble shows that fado also has roots in the Renaissance. A breathtaking closing concert.

Sun 20 Sep 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof :
17:00 - 18:15
Price € 28
Classical - Classical
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Huelgas Ensemble
Axelle Bernage en Helen Cassano - cantus
Matthew Vine - tenor
Tim Scott Whiteley - bassus
Annelies Decock - vedel
Bart Coen, Silke Jacobsen en Peter De Clercq - blokfluiten
Lies Wyers - viola de gamba
Paul Van Nevel - artistieke leiding


António Rocha - fadista
Fernando Silva - guitarra portuguesa
Paula Ramos - viola 





The Huelgas ensemble sings old fifteenth and sixteenth-century Portuguese songs, alternating with the old fados originating from the traditions of the 19th century.


Guy Verstraete