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Master pianists Arthur and Lucas Jussen

philharmonie zuidnederland

Master pianists Arthur and Lucas Jussen

Guaranteed surprises. The incredibly popular piano brothers Lucas and Arthur Jussen always treat the classical music aficionado with a unique repertoire. This time, let them surprise you with a work for two pianos and orchestra only seldom performed.

“In their hands, the two pianos are one, embalming instrument”.

De Volkskrant about Arthur and Lucas Jussen

Together with the South Netherlands Philharmonic, the Jussen brothers will completely submerge into the dream world of the Japanese impressionist Toru Takemitsu. His Quotation of Dream is an ode to the sea, demonstrating who carefully Takemitsu listened to the picturesque La Mer by French master composer Debussy, the opening of this concert. To conclude, chief-conductor Dmitry Liss will take a refreshing deep dive with the Sixth Symphony by his all-time favourite composer, Dmitri Shostakovich. A shorter and lighter symphony than we usually hear from Shostakovich. “I wanted to evoke an atmosphere of spring, youth, and joy”, the Russian composer explained.

Fri 24 Apr 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 21
Band A € 42
Band B € 37
Band C € 32
Band D € 21
Classical - Orchestral



La Mer

Quotation of Dream

Symfonie nr 6


The performance of Arthur and Lucas Jussen is made possible by the Partner program of Friends of philharmonie zuidnederland and Scando.


Dmitri Liss



Arthur en Lucas Jussen



Marco Borggreve