Vastelaovendconcert 2022

philharmonie zuidnederland

Vastelaovendconcert 2022

philharmonie zuidnederland

The similarities between the river Meuse and the Vasteloavend (Carnaval)? Both connect Limburg from north to south! That is why we follow the flow of the water during the Limburger Vastelaovend concerts.

However, as calm as the Meuse babbles and flows, the blood swirls with the Vastelaovend concerts as preparation for Vastelaovend. Laugh, dance and sing along with these 6 x 11 + 3rd edition of the Vastelaovend classic. With a mix of classical music, Carnaval songs and the needed nonsense, the orchestra - with help of a number of artists - guarantee the right amount of Carnaval. 

All that, lead by Toneelgroep Maastricht. It is guaranteed to be, like the newspaper De Limburger wrote it, ‘a sparkeling aperitif for the vastelaovend'. Especially in a time where the 'live-meeting' is more important than ever. Vur zeen os!

Tue 22 Feb 2022
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 36
Classical - Orchestral

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Matty Cilissen


o.a. Fenna Ograjensek, Bart Storcken, Geralt van Gemert


Zorba Huisman

In coproduction with

Toneelgroep Maastricht

Jean Pierre Geusens