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Amazing Asia - Introdans

Asia, the biggest, most populated and possibly also most fascinating continent, forms the source of inspiration for the new Introdans programme Amazing Asia

‘Kaash is epic, concentrated and of great beauty’

The Daily Telegraph

Roel Voorintholt, artistic director of Introdans, says: 'In recent years Introdans has performed in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. And the experiences we gained there have not only made a deep impression on me but on our dancers, too. So now that we are back in the Netherlands, it’s time to delve more into Asian culture.'

Asia forms the source of inspiration for this new Introdans programme

Dutch choreographer Regina van Berkel has been asked by Voorintholt to make a new creation. Here she is drawing her inspiration from the beauty of Asia as well as from music by, among others, the Chinese composer Zhou Long.

The programme also features the long-anticipated Introdans premiere of Kaash, one of the masterpieces by the British-Bengali, internationally praised, top choreographer Akram Khan. Apart from Khan’s own group, there are only two other companies worldwide that are permitted to perform this work. In the highly dynamic work the dancers let the tautly geometric patterns expand and contract, punctuated by arms slicing sharply through the air. At the same time, the dancers seem to be both protected and attacked by the black square in the background. This ‘gaping hole’, the start of everything or nothing, is a stage design by no one less than the visual artist Anish Kapoor, winner of the prestigious Turner Prize among other awards. The rousing music for Kaash was composed by Nitin Sawhney, who has previously worked with other musicians such as Paul McCartney and Sting.  

Mon 30 Nov 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 30



Regina van Berkel
New work (world premiere)

Akram Khan
Kaash (Introdans premiere)


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