Bange Rick 4+

SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht

NDD - SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht - Bange Rick

A dance performance for all the faint of heart and daredevils

Bange Rick tells the story of an adventurous trio of two daredevils and one scaredy-cat. But their adventure is filled with dangers that only seem to get worse. How do they find solutions and manage their fears in the process? The tide turns when the scaredy-cat takes control. He uses his imagination to overcome his fears, transformed into a daredevil, and valiantly leads the other two out of danger. 
Bange Rick is followed by a live dance workshop on stage. In a range of dance assignments, a dance teacher from SALLY will invite the children to share their experiences, conquer their fears, and leave the stage as dance superstars to the roaring applause of the audience.

SALLY tells current and social stories through dance. The dance company first wants to move the people and then the future. Young people are central. SALLY teaches them to believe in who they are and how to develop themselves: in performances, workshops and dance labs.

Sun 3 Oct 2021
AINSI theaterzaal
11:00 - 11:45
Price € 12
Children € 9
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On Sunday 3 October, the Nederlandse Dansdagen will be devoted to family and youth performances. Including this interactive premiere of SALLY Dance Company Maastricht.

Concept, choreography and music
Stefan Ernst
Giorgio Lepelblad, Pedro Ricardo Henry en Luis Ricardo Pedraza Cedrón 
Sophie van Heesewijk


Tycho Merijn