Bolistas 8+

Guilherme Miotto | Corpo Máquina Society

NDD - Guilherme Miotto - Corpo Máquina Society - Bolistas

Camaraderie, trust, curiosity

With freestyle football and movement of the street, Corpo Máquina Society brings a bomb of energy and zest for life into the theatre. With freestyle football players Nasser El Jackson, Younes El Jackson, break dancer Simon Bus and performer/sound artist Boris de Klerk, it is a special team with which choreographer Guilherme Miotto has created Bolistas.

Nasser was twice world champion in ground moves and is ambassador for street football for the KNVB. Younes plays the stars of heaven on Team El Jackson, breakdancer Simon folds himself in impossible turns and Boris works magic with sound.

They, Nasser and Younes, can do exactly the same with their feet, with their heads and with the ball. That is wonderful to see. Because they know exactly what their body can do, they feel challenged to push boundaries. It becomes even more beautiful when Simon makes them laugh with his hypothermic agility. With a sense of sound and rhythm, Boris supports the movers or confuses them. As if they are playing a game in which the aim is to find each other again and again.

Their accuracy of movement invites you to look very precisely. In their play we see their similarities and differences. Without losing themselves, they give what they have and skim past everything that once held them back. Their brilliance transcends the madness of the everyday. In everything they try, freedom is their hold and they make room for each other's moods.

This unique performance in which movement in dance and freestyle football come together will premiere during the Dutch Dance Days 2021.

Sun 3 Oct 2021
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
14:00 - 15:00
Price € 14
Children € 9
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