Cecilia Moisio & Maas theater en dans


Cecilia Moisio & Maas theater en dans Victory / XL

You miss a deadline. You are abandoned. Your life is full of failure, minor and major. And yet, for some reason, the world around us is mostly made up of winners and remarkably few losers. We learn to shine, to achieve, but failure is difficult.

Cecilia Moisio’s physical theatre production Victory is a big show, humorous yet serious, about failure, and having the courage to admit it. We love schadenfreude, but can we also laugh at ourselves? And how can you turn a ‘fail’ into something positive? In a mix of dance, theatre and slapstick, four performers and a musician stumble from one failure to another. Comically sad and, in the course of the show, even desperately painful. Failure is celebrated magnificently and the mistakes are increasingly beautiful and ingenious.

Sat 5 Oct 2019
11:00 - 12:00
Price € 16
Children € 9




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About Cecilia Moisio
Cecilia Moisio danced for a number of years for Krisztina de Châtel and Ann Van den Broek but she won the Dutch Dance Festival Prize in 2014 as a choreographer. She works with a taut stage and sound design and video to make layered and emotional productions. Her style is unpolished and disturbing yet refined and humorous.

About Maas theater en dans for young people
Maas makes adult productions for young people, physical, fantastical and outspoken in everything. The company seduces and disorientates with theatre, dance, music, mime, film, animation, technology and much more. Maas theatre and dance has its own venue in Rotterdam, the Maaspodium.

Concept, choreography, direction

Cecilia Moisio


Yulia Kalinchenko, Kiyan Khoshoie, Serano Pinas, Katarzyna Sitarz en Marlon Penn (live muziek)


Catarina Ribeiro, Tijmen Teunissen


Marlon Penn


Joni Vanhanen

in collaboration with

Hit Me Productions, Stichting Cecilia Moisio