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Cecilia Moisio Superlative

What is our identity made up of? Our appearance? Our work? Our success? And what if we lose one of those things… who are you then?

SUPERLATIVE explores a personal history: performer Kiyan Khoshoie became famous from a tv talent show as a child. His development from child-star to performer, obsessed and possessed by his audience, results in hilarious, but also touching moments, and reveals his true nature: raw and vulnerable.
Locked in a white box on stage, talking to mysterious video projections, Khoshoie looks back and ahead. A merciless solo, that takes place on the verge of an identity crisis, allows the audience to dive deep into his psyche.

Director Cecilia Moisio opens a choreographic space in which two parallels meet each other: self-reflection and identity. What is losing your identity like? And what are we really afraid of?

Cecilia Moisio is a Finish choreographer, director and performer based in The Netherlands. She is the winner of the Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen as “most promising” in 2014. Her most recent performance I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes (2018) was rewarded with four out of five stars by national press (Volkskrant, Parool, Theatermaker)

Fri 17 Jan 2020
Introductionary talk 19:30
Price € 15



Cecilia Moisio


Kiyan Khoshoie