Chotto Xenos

Akram Khan Company (Theaterreis naar Hasselt)

Chotto Xenos

Akram Khan Company (Theaterreis naar Hasselt)

Somewhere in his attic, a young man discovers an old box with letters and photo's from his grandfather who fought as a colonial soldier in WW1. The more he digs in the stories, the more he discovers about his own identity. But also about war, especially about this forgotten war, somehwere far away, in the old colonies.

Akram Khan is not only a top-of-the-line choreographer, he also wants to tell 'other' stories, or rather tell all sides of stories, from a 360° perspective. He did this in the celebrated and awardwinning Xenos and now he trusts director Sue Buckmaster to rework his original choreography.

Chotto Xenos also points to both the horror and the beauty of mankind, of the characters and the dancers, whose trained body becomes an 'intstrument of war'. Akram Khan's body language switches between the classical kathak, pointing to his Bengal roots, and contemporary dance.

‘An absolute triumph’

The Scotsman ★★★★★

Akram Khan Company has existed for 19 years and has grown to be one of the leading dance companies in the world. He tours all over the world, received the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award (2019, for Xenos) and choreographed the opening of the London Olympics. 

The performance is situated between east and west, between mythology and technology, between past and present. Chotto Xenos combines contemporary dance with fine film and animation projection in the most impressive manner, including an astonishing soundtrack.



Wed 23 Feb 2022
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‘Energetic storytelling. Here is a bona fide great piece of dance, with resonances that go deep beneath its surface moves.’

The Stage  ★★★★

‘Using a mixture of styles and storytelling, Khan demystifies the art of dance. Vibrant and vivid.’

The List  ★★★★

Jean Louis Fernandez