Danslab on Tour #1

SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht

SALLY Danslab on tour

DANSLAB on tour # 1 is a dazzling performance in which short dance pieces by a new generation of makers in contemporary dance follow each other at lightning speed. Live performances and spectacular digital images alternate in a dynamic performance for a curious audience from the of ten!

In DANSLAB on tour # 1, young makers associated with SALLY Dance Company Maastricht show what is possible within contemporary dance. The performance is a must-see for real dance fans and a perfect way for novice dance fans to get acquainted with contemporary dance. DANSLAB on tour # 1 is the very first edition of this dance spectacle with choreographic work by Jennifer Romen (known from the American TV program NBC World of Dance), Roshanak Morrowatian (winner of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival 2020) and Justin de Jager (winner of the public prize of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition 2019 and semi-finalist of Hollands Got Talent).

SALLY’s Danslab is the workshop in the South of the Netherlands for innovation in dance, set up by SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht. Since 2015, VIA ZUID - Talent development in the performing arts has also been associated with the Danslab. By experimenting within dance and making connections with new technologies, dancers and choreographers, new future-proof work for dance is created. Young talents can take their first steps as a choreographer or refine their style within the Danslab.

Coronaproof Interaction / participation
In every city where DANSLAB on tour # 1 plays, we ask the local dance enthusiasts to join our program. They will be working on their own (short) dance film, which will premiere during the performance! Dansante Uitmijter: Dance is not only to be looked at, but the audience is also given the opportunity to get moving. The performance ends with an audience dancing from their chairs.

Wed 17 Feb 2021
AINSI theaterzaal
Price € 15

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