Dido Aeneas us & all

Samir Calixto

Samir Calixto - Dido Aeneas us & all

Purcell is a milstone in both music history as well as Western culture. The work, inspired by the books V and VI from Vergilius' Aeneas, describes the tragic love history between the two mythical characters, but reaches even further than that. 

In his interpretation, Samir Calixto focuses on our continuous desire for our better half, and the curious paradox of the constant state of loneliness that is paired with this. Seen like this, Purcell's epic work confronts our limited vision on romantic love with a broader, more universal love, which lies in mutual freedom and the understanding of our place in the bigger picture.  It is the transformation of Dido and Æneas (you and me) into Us (we in our society) & All (we as part of everything that exists around, above and beyond us).

This new performance defines the acceptance of someone's inherent loneliness as a personal journey to become a more concious human being. Two dances, Samir Calixto and Erika Poletto, will undertake this physical journey, where the intensity of the dance will reveal teh many shades of what we define as love, in a deep search to the extreme meaning of it. 

Tue 22 Mar 2022
AINSI Theaterzaal
20:30 - 21:50
Price € 17.50
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concept and choreography

Samir Calixto


Samir Calixto, Erika Poletto


'Dido and Aeneas' by Henry Purcell


Peter Janssen