Febris / Stop making sense

Double-bill: Simon Bus / Alesya Dobish

02.10.2021 NDD DOUBLE BILLL_Aleysa Dobish.jpg

The double-bill starts with the solo Stop Making Sense by Alesya Dobysh. A new work, inspired by the series Men in the cities by Robert Longo. The dancer takes her house dance footwork and technique into unknown territory. The music is by Max Frimout. 

With Febris, Simon Bus pays tribute to the fever. “My first hallucinatory experience,” he says of the fever dreams he had as a child. Panic and fear, on the other hand the intense and bizarre intoxication of deliriousness. Captivating and liberating. In Roman mythology, Febris is the goddess who embodies fever. Together with dancer Roy Overdijk (The Ruggeds), Simon surrenders to her powers. Bathed in fever sweat, in a brooding intimacy and a mental space full of psychedelic images, their limbs double before our eyes. 

As a B-boy, Simon developed an authentic movement language from his wonderfully flexible body with which he continues to experiment. For him, breakdance is synonymous with uniqueness and originality. His B-boy name Statue betrays the special sense of image that he takes with him to the dance. In the coming years, Simon will deepen his craft under the wings of Corpo Máquina. 

Sat 2 Oct 2021
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
15:30 - 16:15
Price € 10
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