Club Guy & Roni en Slagwerk Den Haag


Club Guy & Roni en Slagwerk Den Haag

Freedom is an explosive, high-energy and poignant dance performance that follows in the 20-year tradition of Club Guy & Roni. The show was created by Roni Haver and Guy Weizman, and is performed by an award-winning ensemble of dancers and musicians from ‘the Club’ and Slagwerk Den Haag. 

The inspiration for Freedom is the story of Mouhamedou Ould Slahi, an innocent man who spent 14 years being interrogated and tortured at Guantanamo Bay. His book, The Guantanamo Diaries, tells his harrowing story, and it was recently adapted into a film entitled The Mauritanian. As a writer, Ould Slahi advocates for a world where freedom is an inherent right and forgiveness a core value. Mouhamedou has penned an original script for the performance, as writer-in-residence at NITE and De Balie for the 21-22 season. 

Who pays the price for our freedom? Who are we locking up in prisons and refugee camps so we can feel free? To whom are we denying freedom of movement so we can travel safely? Freedom is one of our core values. Wars were and still are fought for it. Yet freedom is a fluid concept, and in the Netherlands, we're sometimes a little to quick to claim that we're ‘free’. Hiding behind that freedom is the truth of how we restrict the freedom of others to preserve our own. 

Freedom is the latest in a series of Club Guy & Roni dance performances to explore human values and emotions, following previous shows Happiness, Phobia and LOVE.

Sat 20 Nov 2021
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Premium seats € 27.50
Band A € 22.50
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Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Guy Weizman, Roni Haver


Roni Haver, Camilo Chapela, Angela Herenda, Harold Luya, Jesula Toussaint Visser e.a.

Slagwerk Den Haag