Guilherme Miotto / Corpo Máquina


Guilherme Miotto & Corpo Máquina - PORTRAITS

In Portraits five passionate female dancers and three male former prison inmates meet. Academically trained dancers’ bodies and boys’ bodies toughened by the school of life..

In front of an audience they are introduced to each other’s worlds and experiences. They speak to each other, flawlessly informing each other of things the other person carries with them. As human beings we have no say in where we are born or under what circumstances. And yet these are major determining factors in how our lives pan out. Seen from this perspective, we may think of other ways of looking at each other. Is the other person’s gaze not equally decisive in determining who we are? With Portraits, Corpo Máquina invites us to take a closer look at ten portraits of ten young people: five young women with a dream, and five young men who have so far found themselves in less fortunate circumstances. About feeling free and secure on both sides of a divide.

Tue 4 Feb 2020
Introductionary talk 19:30
Price € 15



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