In Two Minds


in two minds kalpanarts

Musical dance performance about power, manipulation and docility.

“True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power strangles you with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence.” - Slavoj Žižek

In Two Minds is a collaboration between choreographer Kalpna Raghuraman, daf player Farid Sheek (Iran) and cellist Maya Fridman (Russia). Together with five dancers they research the principles of power. What are the strategies that leaders use to commit their followers to them and how do their followers get into their “master’s” good graces?

Wed 22 Dec 2021
AINSI Theaterzaal
Price € 17.50
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Dance on Mute

This performance is part of an initiative called 'Dance on Mute' by Kalpanarts. The initiative aims for better accesibility to performances for people that deaf or with impaired hearing. After the performance there will be a short aftertalk with Kalpana and a sign language interpreter.

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choreography Kalpana Raghuraman & Gysèle ter Berg
Concept Kalpana Raghuraman & Gysèle ter Berg
Music composition Simone Giacomini
dance Bilal Bachir, Laila Gozzi, Indu Panday, Sooraj Subramaniam, Goda Zukauskaité
live musicians Maya Fridman (cello), Farid Sheek (daf)
costume design Aziz Bekkaoui
light design Jeffrey Steenbergen

photography Bowie Verschuuren