De Voorlopers

Ivgi&Greben De Voorlopers

Rooted in idealism De Voorlopers /The Forerunners depicts ways to share space and mindful attempts to live together. It celebrates the liberating possibilities and positive alternatives in life and art in times when negativism and fear seem to dominate. 

As first arrivals on a far away planet, we witness five individuals crossing paths. It is an empty space, nothing is there. What will they do? How will they live and relate to each other? They could start entirely anew, following their desires and dreams – creating and manipulating, trial and error. The area they occupy reveals itself as a test zone for the eyes of the audience. Their efforts to establish a community result in constantly shifting relations amongst themselves and between themselves and their surroundings. 

With their detailed and powerful movement style IVGI&GREBEN create a poetic and turbulent show with a keen emotional appeal. 

Fri 31 Jan 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Introductionary talk 19:00
Price € 20
Premium seats € 25

Ivgi&Greben De Voorlopers Ivgi&Greben De Voorlopers

Choreografie en kostuums

Uri Ivgi en Johan Greben

dance performance

Joan Ferré Gomez, Robin Nimanong, Serena Facchini, Noa van        Tichel, Winter Wieringa


Judith Schoneveld

music composition

Tom Parkinson



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