Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges

NachtHexen II: La Parisienne

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A secret. Burried in a journal. NachtHexen (night witches) leave their homes. Out on the streets. Into the city of light. A night of terror, feast and incomprehension. The current time. I hear the sound of dispair and courage. I taste the taste of fear on their dried lips. Mouths that continue to declare a contradiction. I feel the togetherness. Donors of power in grim days. Beacons of light in a darkened city. Strong women in tough times. Powerfull and modest dance. Firm and sensitive text theater. Penetrating and stifling live music.

'A new or renewed acquaintance with the powerful physique style of Van Daele'

Wed 10 Apr 2019
20:30 - 21:45
Introductionary talk 19:30
Price € 15

Theater shuttle

Theater aan het Vrijthof offers for performances at AINSI the possibility to travel back and forth by bus for €7. 

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introductionairy talk
Renée van Bussel