Kalpana Raghuraman

Hitting True North

Kalpana Raghuraman Hitting True North

Kalpanarts is the only dance company that creates work inspired by various sources from the rich Indian culture. Choreographer and cultural anthropologist Kalpana Raghuraman brings Indian, contemporary and urban dance together and creates a unique dance language. Complex rhythms, footwork, powerful facial expression and live music are elements that form her signature style.

The world is constantly changing. It is becoming more and more dynamic, speedy and complex. In Hitting True North, four dancers, a violinist (Oleg Fateev) and an accordionist (Oene van Geel) look for their own inner compass to make it easier to deal with changing situations, cultures, and contexts.

For this performance you will receive very special introduction! Students from iArts Maastricht have immersed themselves in the topic and choreographer of tonights performance, and will provide you with an artistic introduction to it… The introduction will start after the regular introduction talk.

​​​​​​​ iArts Maastricht is an interdisciplinary arts bachelor program, that trains students to use artistic methods to engage with scientific and societal issues in the world of today. iArts is part of Hogeschool ZUYD. 


Thu 12 Mar 2020
Introductionary talk 19:30
Price € 15

Hitting true north - kalpanarts Hitting true north - Kalpanarts Hitting true north - Kalpanarts


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