Keren Levi


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The Dutch Dance Festival presents the Dutch premiere of unmute by Keren Levi and Yannis Kyriakides. Levi and Kyriakides are entering onto terrain that has been little explored with this dance concert for four dancers and two musicians from Slagwerk Den Haag, terrain where digital technology and the dancers’ physical skills play upon each other.

unmute is simultaneously dance, live music and a mesmerizing soundscape. You hear words in different languages, universal cries and computer-generated voices. All the sounds have been digitalised and separated from where they originated, emphasizing the value of every voice and touching on the worrying development in which precisely the right to free speech is being used to silence other voices. The musical composition manipulates the sound into a hallucinatory soundscape. It is like a dream in which you are standing still in a loud, pressing mass of people, while the space around you undulates and shifts in form.



Sat 5 Oct 2019
20:30 - 21:30
Price € 22.50


Na de voorstelling nodigen wij u uit voor een nagesprek (duur: maximaal 30 minuten)




Futuristic scene
unmute is inspired by the work of Hannah Arendt, the influential political theorist of the post-war period. Arendt posited that a just society maintains a balance between communal and individual interests and that the validity of every voice is crucial in this. Levi and Kyriakides depict a futuristic scenario in which people and their voice have been separated for all time but where there is a longing to reunite communication and the sound of the voice with the personal and the body.






coproduction of
Keren Levi | NeverLike & Slagwerk Den Haag

Concept, choreography
Keren Levi

Concept, composition
Yannis Kyriakides

Performance and dance
Eva Susova, Charlie Laban Trier, Matthew Day, Keren Levi

Performance and percussion
Fedor Teunisse, Pepe Garcia

Eti Steinberg