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'Theater offers us and the public a journey on which you never know where you might end up. A testing ground for consideration and change.'

Soelaas is derived from the medieval French ‘solas’, meaning "comfort, relief, support, solution." Offering Soelaas means 'to help'. In beautiful Old-Dutch "solving problems" and "bringing comfort" go hand in hand. SOLAS doesn't offer immediate solace for the world's suffering. It does however create a space where it is possible to identify and embrace alternatives.

A maelstrom of song, dance, text and music fills the stage - interchangeable, simultaneous and independent. It can spread over the ten performers (seven dancers, two female singers and a guitar player) or combine in the body of just one of them. The beauty of Dowland’s music must be conquered in SOLAS. Purity knows ragged edges. SOLAS offers an unruly beauty that you see with your ears and listen to with your eyes.

Before the performance, LeineRoebana invites the audience to meet the dancers, the musicians and the choreographers on the stage during a special introduction. Special experiences from the creative process, as well as sources of inspiration are shared with the public as the dancers and musicians warm up and prepare for the performance. And there is always a chance to ask questions throughout.

Wed 22 Jan 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Price € 20
Premium seats € 25

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