Nachthexen IV: Battre

Jens van Daele | Burning Bridges

Jens van Daele | Burning Bridges NachtHexen IV: Battre

NachtHexen IV: Battre is the fourth part in a series about ‘Strong women in tough times’. Courage, perseverance, compassion and regret are the common thread in this performance.

In NachtHexen IV: Battre two dancers fight for all they are worth. Patricia van Deutekom and Marijn van der Sande, two figureheads of the company Burning Bridges, don’t budge an inch. They throw themselves into the fray blindly: eye for eye, tooth for tooth. A tough, raw, and physical battle whereby the goal is lost sight of and only losers remain. Rough dance to exciting music by Greg Smith and Richard van Kruysdijk. The recognizable poetic touch hits the viewer directly in the heart.

The performance is not only recommended for dance lovers, but also for music and theater lovers.

Thu 1 Apr 2021
AINSI Theaterzaal
Price € 15
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This performance has been rescheduled from April 24 2020 to April 1 2021


Jens van Daele 
1972 - 2020

Dancer and choreographer Jens van Daele
assed away unexpectedly on June 21, 2020 at the age of 48.

Janiek van Dijk