NDT 1 Schmetterling

Nederlands Dans Theater is celebrating its 60th birthday this season. For the company the ultimate moment to reflect on the humble beginning, rich past and impressive present and future. That is why NDT also presents a series of (new) contemporary choreographers in addition to the work of the major choreographers who determine the creative signature of the company.

Rounding of our anniversary season and Paul Lightfoot’s tenure as Artistic Director, NDT presents  Schmetterling. Just like a butterfly, this evening symbolizes the everlasting process of transformation; one of the most essential qualities of the house of NDT. Where previous programmes this season took us to the past and its undeniable influences on the present, Schmetterling aims to look forward and beyond.

The programme shows NDT’s Sol León & Paul Lightfoot’s work Schmetterling (2010). The pieces refers to the transience of existence and the way life and death constantly cross each other’s path and is set to the music of indie rock band Magnetic Fields and composer Max Richter. The program will be completed with a world premiere by the duo and new work from Damien Jalet, a new creative face to the company. The critically acclaimed works by Belgo-French Jalet are often visual stunning, kinetic and thought provoking. This will be his choreographic debut with NDT.

Sat 23 May 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Introductionary talk 19:00
Price € 32
Premium seats € 37


Damien Jalet world premiere
Sol León & Paul Lightfoot world premiere

Sol León & Paul Lightfoot Schmetterling



Rahi Rezvani