Nederlandse Dansdagen

Bloedbanden? - route A

Nederlandse Dansdagen

Bloedbanden? - route A

After the success of the first Bloedbanden in 2018 the Dutch Dance Festival is presenting the follow-up Bloedbanden? This second production investigates the meaning of the blood band.

Bloedbanden? is about the start of stories and relationships in conventional and unconventional families in the context of their surroundings and society. This new co-production has been made, just like Bloedbanden #1, in collaboration with the dance departments at Fontys, ArtEz and Codarts as well as families from Maastricht. We see various generations of these families on the dance floor. What are the stories that they daren’t talk about but which they are nonetheless able to tell, not with words but with their body? What can dance elicit from people who have known each other all their lives? What is, literally and figuratively, their motivation?

Wed 2 Oct 2019
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19:00 - 20:00
Price € 3.50



Bloedbanden? demonstrates the role that dance and movement can have in the connection between different family members and generations. Every family has its own system. The experience of previous generations can determine how a family functions because of ingrained patterns of behaviour. Dance communicates what cannot easily be expressed in words. Dance can change these patterns and open new doors, change the contact between people and expand the field of view. To do so, we confront unease and inhibition. Can body language and skin contact make visible what cannot be defined? Not only for the performers, but for the audience?

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Ronald Wintjens, directeur Nederlandse Dansdagen

Jennifer Romen
Artistic direction

Adriaan Luteijn

Reno Juriën

3rd and 4th year students from the Fontys Academy for Dance Education in Tilburg, ArtEz Bachelor Dance in Education in Arnhem and the Codarts Bachelor Dance in Education in Rotterdam