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About Miss Julie

Stephen Shropshire About Miss Julie

For years, the Netherlands based, American choreographer Stephen Shropshire has been gaining international praise for works that are both aesthetically engaging and intellectually challenging.

This year, Shropshire returns to Maastricht with a thrilling adaptation of August Strindberg’s nineteenth century tragedy Miss Julie. Written in 1888, August Strindberg’s naturalistic tragedy Miss Julie is a fatal discourse on class, sexual politics and the inequalities inherent in a patriarchal system. These themes resonate still today and reflect imbalances that continue to divide contemporary society.

The story of Miss Julie follows the bored daughter of a wealthy count who escalates an affair with her father’s valet to devastating results. About Miss Julie is an exploration of Strindberg’s narrative; an adaptation, abstracted and re-considered in movement. In light of the wave of current social injustices, Strindberg’s nineteenth century narrative seems once again relevant and necessary – if only to consider how little may have changed.

Thu 26 Mar 2020
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Introductionary talk 19:30
Price € 15


For this performance you will receive very special introduction! Students from iArts Maastricht have immersed themselves in the topic and choreographer of tonights performance, and will provide you with an artistic introduction to it… The introduction will start after the regular introduction talk.
iArts Maastricht is an interdisciplinary arts bachelor program, that trains students to use artistic methods to engage with scientific and societal issues in the world of today. iArts is part of Hogeschool ZUYD. 


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