Stuk is een nieuwe situatie

Boekpresentatie Anne-Beth Schuurmans

Anne-Beth Schuurmans - Boekpresentatie Stuk is een nieuwe situatie

In the performance Stuk is een nieuwe situatie (2+) we are in the junk attic of the future, a stage-on-stage situation, in which the audience is part of the situation. In a partly analogous, partly digital landscape, the romantic image of nature is questioned. What happens if you dig a mountain and build a city out of it? What happens when ice melts? What happens if the world stops breathing? Can nature break? Can the world break? 

Stuk is een nieuwe situatie  is an interdisciplinary, living composition where the young audience and their adult entourage can roam around to their heart's content. Choreographer Anne-Beth Schuurmans, scenographer Elian Smits and composer Dennis van Tilburg collected materials, methods and techniques, devices and other things, movements, sounds and colors to build a breathing, ever changing world. Layer upon layer, with dance, image and music, they build a work with the audience in which new situations are constantly created. 

During the Nederlandse Dansdagen, De Nieuwe Dansbibliotheek will publish the booklet Interdisciplinair Theater voor de Allerkleinsten, edited by Anne-Beth Schuurmans and Fransien van der Putt. Schuurmans hopes with this publication, where artists and other authors from the Netherlands and abroad have contributed to provide insight into the relative situation in the Netherlands little known genre 'theatre for the little ones'.

Sun 3 Oct 2021
Other locations :
Boekhandel Dominicanen
17:00 - 17:30
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Free of charge, reservation required



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