The Most Fascinating Problem in the World / Exceptions Occur

Nederlands Dans Theater 2 / Tom Weinberger & Milena Twiehaus

NDD - Nederlands Dans Theater 2 Tom Weinberger & Milena Twiehaus - The Most Fascinating Problem in the World & Exceptions Occur

In this collaboration between choreographer Tom Weinberger and dancers from NDT 2, old and new work come together. The Most Fascinating Problem in the World is a work resulting from the extraordinary 2020-2021 season, where developments around COVID-19 called on creative solutions from dancers and choreographers. Together with the NDT 2 dancers, Weinberg created a new work, specially made for locations outside the traditional theater set-up. This is followed by Weinberg's earlier work Exceptions Occur, a tensive duet in a sober setting that fits in perfectly with the unique location in the Landbouwbelang.

Sat 2 Oct 2021
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The Most Fascinating Problem in the World
The Most Fascinating Problem In The World is constructed to the lecture Myth of myself by philosopher Alan Watts. The performers give life to the ideas surfaced by Mr. Watts as they illustrate them with their bodies, seeking to bridge between the text and the observer. Using the musicality mannerism, humor and irony in Watts’s speech the performers offer a light and intense physical interpretation for the themes brought forward by Watts. Finding ways of expressing an ever pungent point, that all that exists is related to, and is a part of one whole cosmic weave.

Exceptions Occur
Exceptions Occur is a twenty minute duet choreographed by Tom Weinberger. The duet portrays a journey of encounters where attempts and failures at intimacy are 
presented in different variations. Elements are heightened in an intentionally austere and silent atmosphere, with an audience in the round. The experience of the viewer is exposed as they are able to observe each other, and the dancer’s physicality is seen and heard up close.

Nederlands Dans Theater 2 
In 1978 the company founded NDT 2 under the inspiring leadership of Jiří Kylián. For three years, this second company prepares sixteen recently graduated, often classically trained dancers, for the world's top. Initially, NDT 2 was regarded as a talent development program from which the greatest talents could move on to NDT 1. Over the years, however, NDT 2 has developed into an independent company with its own repertoire and an extensive national and international tour schedule. The collaboration with many (up-and-coming) choreographers gives the dancers the opportunity to quickly relate to different dance languages, techniques and working methods.

“NDT 2 is a distinct phenomenon, and phenomenal”

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