The Quintessentials - Q5

Sarada Sarita | Korzo

Sarada Sarita

A waacking performance about the preservation and protection of the essential in us, with dance and live music.

History, music and movements from waacking come together

Sarada Sarita was inspired for The Quintessentials-Q5 by waacking, a dance form that developed in the Latin and African American LGBT clubs of Los Angeles in the 1970s. The dance style was called punking at the time and it was a way of transforming negative experiences into something positive. In The Quintessentials-Q5, five musicians and five dancers explore the essence of our nature and our being. During this journey they will dive into the different visions of culture, communities, connection and communication. History, music and movements from waacking come together in a layered and poetic way in this special dance performance with live music.

Fri 5 Mar 2021
AINSI Theaterzaal
Price € 15
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Sarada Sarita (1987), descendant of a family of dancers, was one of the first to bring 'voguing' to the Netherlands. This dance style originated in the black and Latinx LGBTI community in Harlem, New York, imitating poses of models gracing the covers of Vogue. Because voguing celebrates freedom of expression, marginalized people in New York found it a safe haven for self-expression. 'New Way Vogue' is a category within 'Vogue Performance', with Sarita as the Dutch figurehead. She is also researching 'waacking', a style that developed in Los Angeles. She received a Silver Cricket for the best stage performance in youth theater for her portrayal of a witch with black-magical allure in the ballet fairy tale GRIMM by ISH & the Junior Company. In 2019 she won the BNG Bank Dance Prize together with Christian Yav & Sedrig Verwoert.