Triple bill: Nieuwkomers

Ivgi&Greben | SHIFFT | Internationaal Danstheater

03.10.2021 Triple Bill Nederlandse Dansdagen

SHIFFT – Pounds Lighter
In Pounds Lighter, Jefta Tanate and Lo Walther Boer suddenly appear within a dynamic choreography, tailor made to different locations. Jasper van Luijk shows in SHIFFT's latest dance duet in how many different ways we can carry each other. Carrying can give love, hurt, connect and injure. And yet life is often lighter when someone carries you. 

Ivgi&Greben – Nice to meet you!
The new company Ivgi&Greben creates a lyrical choreography of solos and duets that are strung together like a chain. It will be a personal meeting, and despite all the circumstances close by. As an audience we get acquainted with the virtuosity of eight special dancers, new in the Netherlands: Bettina from Hungary, Coline and Gaspard from France, Manon from Friesland, Noa from Flanders, Albert and Christian from Italy, and Daniel from Spain: Nice to meet you!

Internationaal Danstheater – Femmes & RAW
During the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Internationaal Danstheater will give a preview of Femmes and RAW.

RAW is an imaginative performance that takes you into the colorful lives of ethnic minorities. She creates a unique interplay between different disciplines that are interwoven on stage into a cinematic documentary. Central to this is the work of photographers who have traveled the world over the years to capture the beautiful history and lifestyles of different peoples. The rich diversity in style and culture of these people, their authentic clothing, colorful jewelry and characteristic make-up, are brought to life through dance in a living timeless memory.

Femmes is an ode to women who have made a significant change in their country towards oppression or human rights. This performance tells the strength and dedication of these women. The International Dance Theater wants to highlight the other side of the news (literally) by showing the beauty of everyone's culture.

Sun 3 Oct 2021
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