Sprookjes Enzo

10.10.2021 Sprookejs Enzo - Click 3 ©Rudy Schuerewegen.jpg

A luminous acrobatic fairy tale.

Light on, CLICK! An attic where time has stood still. Forgotten toys, dusty furniture and abandoned lights come to life. A spell that lasts all night, every night, all night.

A luminous, interactive circus theater performance for children from
the age of three.

A swinging chandelier, weightless as a dream, a candlestick on tiptoe and a family of table lamps playing hide and seek while a street lamp smiles at the sunset. Come with lights in your eyes. We provide the lights. Lights out, CLICK!

Sun 10 Oct 2021
Other locations :
Kumulus Theater
16:00 - 16:45
Price € 12
Children € 8
Family and Youth
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concept and SCENOGRAPHY
Pietro and Marcello Chiarenza
direction and light design 
Pietro Chiarenza
Michela Henle, Marco Migliavacca, Pietro Chiarenza 
In collaboration with
CCBe Antwerpen

Rudy Schuerewegen