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Maas theater en dans - Doe eens lief

Just Be Nice

Doe eens lief is an exercise in the art of being nice, one that comes with few words and contains a lot of climbing, falling, getting back up, drawing, dancing, singing and bumping into each other.
Can a simple dot be just as friendly as your mother? How do you argue with your favourite toy? Is it possible to love monsters? Do you shrink if nobody is ever nice to you? And how does someone dance when they’ve got love in their legs?

Love-lessons for the small ones

Doe eens lief is a bold, visually enticing and physically engaging tribute to the discovery of both small and big loves. Together, two actors create an imaginary world that’s filled with love by giving life to live animations within an entirely blanc decor. As they’re drawing things that come to mind — a dot, a mosquito, a cake, a dream, a monster, a turd or a kiss — the world they create disappears as quickly as they were able to imagine it, just so they can start creating yet another, new world for them to fall in love with.

Sun 15 Nov 2020
AINSI theaterzaal
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Children € 9
Family and Youth
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Sara Giampaolo and Anne Fé de Boer: “We constantly tell children they need to be a little nicer. To each other, to us and to the world. The hope is that, if you learn how to truly love someone or something when you’re a child, you’ll be able to do so as well when you become an adult. To really learn how to love, you also have to learn how to quarrel. You have to discover that monsters are a part of life and that, at times, it can be quite fulfilling to start loving your own inner monsters. We thought it would be interesting to explore this idea with and for our little ones, and to translate some of these ideas and concepts to fit within their understanding of the world.

Anne Fé de Boer, Sara Giampaolo
Sara Giampaolo
Play and Dance 
Anne Fé de Boer, Gihan Koster