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Clock Wise

Two little brothers have to go to bed. However, they’re just not able to fall asleep. It’s much more fun to play on the iPad… until it runs out of battery. Of course, the boys don’t plan on stopping their playtime any time soon. They’ll just make up their own games! As the hands on the clock tick down the hours, they stay up dancing, horsing around, annoying their father and playing deep into the night until they finally fall asleep. Then, their alarm clock goes off.

Two tireless brothers dance
until the break of dawn

Remses Rafaela presents his first show for children at Maas theatre and dance, a place he knows all too well from his time spent playing a dancer on the B-BOY production. His unique dancing style, a combination of acrobatics, Hip-Hop and Afro-Caribbean dance, is mixed in with slapstick and shadow play to create a fantasy-packed, energetic dance show for toddlers about two inexhaustible brothers that dance until the break of dawn. A whole night of playing around has brought them so much. After all: the more you’re awake, the wiser you get. Of course, their father sees things a little differently…

Sun 8 Nov 2020
AINSI theaterzaal
14:00 - 15:00
Price € 11
Children € 9
Family and Youth

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Remses Rafaela about his play: 'These days, a lot of kids spend their time playing on the iPad. They don’t see each other anymore and they don’t really move around anymore. When Maas asked me to put together a play for toddlers, I immediately knew this is what I wanted the play to be about: that kids can discover the world around them by themselves by putting their senses to work. I remember how much fun I had playing with my nephews as a child. We’d play soccer, build huts, jump on the couch and leap over tables and pillows. We played with whatever was available to us at the time. I’m currently trying to teach my kids to do the same thing. This show is a tribute to physical play and to the unlimited imagination of children.'

Concept & Choreography

Remses Rafaela

Patrick Karijowidjojo, Remses Rafaela

SYB ontwerp