Woosh 2+

Het Laagland

Het Laagland - WOOSH! 2+

A theatrical breeze for the little ones 

WOOSH! is a wonderful world made of.... nothing. You can't see it, but it's there. You can hear it. Karlijn and Bram play with air and use it to set each other and the environment in motion. On a floor of bubble wrap Karlijn and Bram challenge each other. It takes their utmost concentration not to burst the bubbles under their feet. They hold their breath, but the breath wants to get out: through a sigh and a breeze to a voice and a song. Bram and Karlijn take you along in a wonderful world where the space between them is made visible and audible. Air to look at and listen to. After the performance the children, together with their own (grand) parents, are playfully invited to participate in a small sensory activity inspired by the performance. 

Sun 10 Apr 2022
Kumulus Theater
15:00 - 15:25
Price € 12
Children € 8
Family and Youth

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Inez Derksen

Concept and play

Karlijn Hamer, Bram van Helden


Moon Saris