Ad Colen

Jazz Maastricht & Theater aan het Vrijthof - Ad Colen

Renowned in the Dutch jazz scene as saxophonists and composers, Ad Colen is bringing a brand-new, one-of-a-kind, project to Maastricht. Though now based in Utrecht, Ad’s roots are firmly planted in Limburg, and we’re honoured to have him back on home turf!

With 5 albums under his belt and concerts all over the world, including shows at North Sea Jazz and Java Jazz festivals, Ad has returned to his childhood inspiration: birdsongs heard from the backyard of his parent’s holiday home. ‘Bird’s Eye View’ is his latest project: he’s transcribed various birdsongs, using them as a base for compositions and improvisations.

Ad’s songs are full of whimsical melodies and surprising twists and turns, with each bird lending a unique character to its own song: the cawing of crows bouncing off each other in chattering polyrhythms, the melancholy hooting of an owl slicing through a midnight serenade, and the almost-classical melody of a wren twisting and turning from instrument to instrument. The result is unlike any other jazz album out there: fresh, imaginative, and full of bubbling improvisations.

Backed by Roger Hornman (cello), Mike Roelofs (keys) &  Dion Nijland (bass), and Yonga Sun (drums), with this concert Ad is sure to delight and amaze you. 

Thu 9 Jan 2020
Price € 18

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For performances at AINSI, Theater aan het Vrijthof offers the possibility to travel back and forth by  bus for € 7. 

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Ad Colen


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