Giulio Cesare in Egitto

Nederlandse Reisopera

Giulio Cesare in Egitto

Nederlandse Reisopera

The lovestory of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, captured in an astonishing spectacle. George Petrou dares to make his interpretation of Händel's most beloved opera a nod to some of Hollywood's classics. He brings the 'Roaring Twenties' to ancient Egypt and connects the human to the supernatural.

Caesar with a  fedora
Director/ conductor George Petrou and designer Paris Mexis were inspired by famous adventure films, such as the Indiana Jones series and The Mummy. The story takes place in the '20's of the previous century. In these 'Roaring Twenties', many adventurers went looking for hidden treasures in pyramids and tombs in Egypt. The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 caused a wave of 'Egypt-mania' throughout Europe. 

In this opera production, Julius Caesar is an adventurer like Indiana Jones –including the fedora– who stumbles upon an unscathed tomb full of precious items. 

Man versus mummy
In the tomb lay several sarcophaguses and stands an enormous Anubis statue. From the Anubis statue, a terrifying mummy arises and from one of the sarcophaguses comes the blinding apparition of Queen Cleopatra. 

Direcotr George Petrou creates a confrontation between Roman adventurers from 1920 and a motley crew of supernatural ghosts and mummies from ancient Egypt. This creates a performance full of surprises and plot twists: excitement, humor and emotional.

"It is simply one of the most beautiful operas ever written"

- George Petrou, director/ conductor

A story of love and power stuggle
Central to this opera are the lovestory between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. However, the power struggle for the Egyptian throne between brother and sister Tolomeo and Cleopatra runs as a thread through the opera. 

Caesar falls for the supernatural seducing wizardry of Cleopatra. And through her love for him, she becomes more 'human': does this mean she loses her supernatural powers? 

Finally, Caesar manages to escape the evil Tolomeo and flees to freedom with his beloved Cleopatra. But is Tolomeo truly defeated? 

In the cast, we welcome great solists Yuriy Mynenko, Sophie Junker and Nicholas Tamagna. True adventurers and theaterlovers will love their vocal fireworks!

Thu 3 Feb 2022
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
18:00 - 21:55 / 1 pause
Premium seats € 47.50
Band A € 42.50
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Sung in Italian, with Dutch and English subtitles


This show is rescheduled from 27 January to 3 February

Giulio Cesare - NRO Giulio Cesare - NRO Giulio Cesare - NRO Giulio Cesare - NRO

Opera by Georg Friedrich Händel

(musical) director George Petrou

decor and costume design Paris Mexis

Light and video design Stella Kaltsou

Videoprojections Tiny Giants

cast Yuriy Mynenko (Giulio Cesare), Arthur Janda (Curio), Francesca Ascioti (Cornelia), Katie Coventry (Sesto), Sophie Junker (Cleopatra), Nicholas Tamagna (Tolomeo), Riccardo Novaro (Achilla), Rafal Tomkiewicz (Nireno), Ella Liver (Jonge Cleopatra), Margriet WeersinkBrock (Oude Cleopatra)

extras Niek Dekker, John Fernon, Johan Jansen, Jan Huiskes, Rob de Kleijn, Martin Ottow, Elles Venhuizen, Debbie Waninge, Han Wegman, Martijn Zeinstra

Basso Continuo Panos Iliopoulos (Klavecimbel), Iason Ioannou (Violoncello), Theodoros Kitsos (Theorbe)

Orchestra Phion, Orkest van Gelderland & Overijssel

Assistant director Stan Geurts

Assistant conductor Panos Iliopoulos 

stage manager Roland Lammers van Toorenburg, Sanne van Loenen

language coach Caterina Galiotto

surtitling Jurjen Stekelenburg

photography Marco Borggreve