Nederlandse Reisopera

A Little Night Music

Nederlandse Reisopera

A Little Night Music

“Stunning and delicious”
- Broadway World

Following on from Sweeney Todd (2014), the Nederlandse Reisopera will once more perform a Stephen Sondheim musical, in the original language, in Dutch theatres. 

A Little Night Music is a funny and multi-layered musical comedy of manners about a game of sexual musical chairs played by four couples who become entangled in a series of triangular relationships and end up finding the right partner during a single sultry Midsummer Night. The musical was inspired by the film Smile of a Summer Night by Ingmar Bergman and is set in the Swedish upper classes around the year 1900. 

Through the funny and often ironic lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, this musical about the romantic mismatch of four couples gives a nod to Oscar Wilde, with clear echoes of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

All characters are embroiled in one or more love triangles and swap sexual partners as if they were no more than dance partners. The situation becomes increasingly untenable, and at the end of the work we see the love triangles ‘dissolving’ into romantic couples.  

Director Harold Prince once called the work ‘whipped cream with knives’. The superficial drama involving the romantic couples is solved in the end, but the drama that is more deeply buried beneath the surface is not. 

Sat 6 Apr 2019
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Introductionary talk 18:30
Price € 41


Sung and spoken in English, Dutch surtitles

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Musical by 
Stephen Sondheim
Zack Winokur
Ryan Bancroft
Het Gelders Orkest
Paul Groot, Susan Rigvava-Dumas, Laetitia Gerards, Guido Spek
introductionary talk
Len van Schaik