Dutch Eagles

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The Dutch Eagles have become the ultimate interpreters of the oeuvre and sound of the Eagles and their solo work. Unique and recognisable. 

Dutch Eagles fans know that the Dutch Eagles are proven musical gold diggers. They want to share the things they find during their gold rush with you on this special evening. They combine the Eagles' hits with gems from other artists from the golden era of pop music. With their unsurpassed rendering of these songs, these six gentlemen have proven their weight in gold. Simply close your eyes and melt away in the polyphonic harmony vocals and the unparalleled guitar solos. Get your teeth into their show and you will find that these men hold pure gold! Dutch Eagles. Gold.

Sat 28 Nov 2020
M-theater (MECC Maastricht)
Premium seats € 32.50
Band A € 27.50
Theater concert
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The best tribute band in the Netherlands
consists of Arto Boyadjan, Ivo Dinkelaar, Ruben van Mastrigt, Jaco van der Steen, Bart Wagemakers and Dennis Wind.


Chris Pedis, André Kemp, Mark David