Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du coran

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We are happy to present to you  one of the world´s most famous novels MONSIEUR IBRAHIM ET LES FLEURS DU CORAN  by the Belgian writer Eric Emmanuel Schmitt.
It is a story depicting the relationship between a young Jewish teenager and an old Arab grocer, underlining the importance of the bond of friendship, the meaning of family, in the background of  the beauty and the decadence of the forever inspiring city of Paris.
This new theatrical adaptation presents with dynamism and humor the colorful world of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. A Brilliantly composed musical is one of the key uniting forces in the production. The book and the play explore many themes regarded as the core values  of our contemporary society: the love of others, the meaning of friendship, the importance of respect and tolerance, our openness to the world and the all-powerful presence  of family heritage.
This performance is adapted to foreign audiences.
The French language is clear and quite modern. It is a dynamic theater presentation, colorful, physical, visual and full of charm.
Fri 20 Dec 2019
14:00 - 15:45
Price € 10