An evening with Dominic Seldis and his Orchestra

Dominic Seldis - Music, Maestro!

An evening with Dominic Seldis and his Orchestra

Dominic Seldis - Music, Maestro!

After the smashing success of last season, Dominic Seldis is returning to theatres with his show Music, Maestro! As double bassist, conductor and presentor, Dominic, the Netherlands' favourite Brit, will pass up no opportunity to promote classical music amongst a broad audience. 

With Music, Maestro! the energetic Brit and his orchestra of nine top of the line musicians will bring 'an entertaining and spectacular musical journey', a show full of comical personal stories, astonishing video's and of course, beautiful music. And who knows, maybe you will be the lucky chosen one, who gets to be conductor for a moment.

Light Classical, Light Jazz, Film Music

Music, Maestro! is a unique, musical adventure. A combination of populair music played by great (classical) musicians, British humor and beautiful projection, in which the worldclass musicians ensure hilarity as well as moving performances. For those who enjoy British humor, great music and entertainment!

Wed 16 Mar 2022
Theater aan het Vrijthof:
Premium seats € 39.50
Band A € 34.50
Theatre concert
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Reactions from the public

‘This was one of the most beautiful theatre evenings I've ever experienced.’

‘What a pleasure to see you play and to see you enjoy what you have created.’

‘What a lovely performance!’

‘Fantastic music and beautiful personal stories.’

‘Enjoyed the entertainment and even more so the amazing music.’

‘You have moved us with beautiful music and made us laugh with your amazing sense of humor.’

Dominic Seldis, Dave Murray, Rembrandt Frerichs, Vinsent Planjer, Myrthe Helder, Chris Lascae, Judith Wijzenbeek, Charles Watt, Marcel Geraeds en Janneke Groezs e.a.

Mark Engelen, Bram Willems