Rules of the house

To make the experience in our theater rooms as pleasant as possible for everyone, a number of house rules have been drawn up which we ask our visitors to adhere to.

  • Theater aan het Vrijthof is a public building. Smoking inside is nowhere allowed. 

  • Please turn off or put all mobile phones and other communication devices on airplane mode during the performance.

  • Bringing along food, drinks or candy during the performance/ into the hall is not allowed.

  • Making pictures and video- or sound recordings in any way is in none of the theater halls allowed. 

  • Latecomers can not be allowed to enter the hall in most cases. Right after the break, you can still take place in the hall. 

  • For family and youth performances we advice you to respect the age indication that is mentioned behind the title of the performance. This is for the pleasure and rest of your child, yourself and other spectators. For more information you can contact our UITbalie (ticket desk).
  • Animals are not allowed at Theater aan het Vrijthof with an exception for guide dogs.

  • For all visitors of Theater aan het Vrijthof, the General conditions for visitors VSCD apply. 

  • Finally, we would like to ask you to respect the artists and, above all, to enjoy the experience. We would like to hear your experience and findings via e-mail.