Opera Zuid


Opera Zuid offers, due to the universal character of its themes and incomparable emotional directness and impact of its pure live experience, a unique experience that will become increasingly important in the 21st century. Opera Zuid transports you to a world where time can stand still and the virtual is breathtakingly real. 

Opera Zuid brings opera closer: opera that touches, amazes and encaptures you, through the inexhaustable power of imagination of man. With our productions we want to contribute to the diary of the world. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand, great masterpieces from the past strike the heart of our here and now. We connect new creations with tradition and current events. We believe that the complete experience opera offers is more relevant than ever and can change our lives. Based on this conviction, we travel with opera productions that we want to share with an as large and diverse audience as possible. 

'Opera touches us to the core of our soul and appeals to the inexhaustible imagination of man. Opera Zuid goes to work with this amazement and thus brings the greatest operas to life in a unique way'

Artistic Director Waut Koeken

Opera Zuid has the nostalgia of a colorful, travelling circus but connects this to the contemporary feel for passion. Opera Zuid is established at the Malpertuiskerk in Maastricht.