Enjoy a lovely night at the theater. We take care of a complete and carefree night out.


In connection with fire safety it is not allowed to take your coat with you in the theater hall. In the basement of Theater aan het Vrijthof there is a free guarded cloakroom. In addition, there are also wardrobe closets in the basement which can be used at your own risk. The cloakroom is open until half an hour after the performance. After that you can pick up your coat in the Theatercafé.

Wheelchair accessibility

Theater aan het Vrijthof has good facilities for disabled visitors. If you have difficulty walking or use a wheelchair, we ask you to contact the UITbalie in advance so that we can allocate you the right place.

In the Papyruszaal there is room for 3 wheelchairs on the right and left of row 20 (last row). Wheelchair spaces are also available in the Bovenzaal and in AINSI. For more information about wheelchair accessibility, please contact the UITbalie.

Free drink included in ticket price

Starting this theatre season (2022-2023), most performances at our theatre will have a free drink included in the ticket price. This means that a drink (coffee, tea, beer, soda, wine) during a performance’s intermission is included. If there is no intermission, we will offer you a drink after the performance. It concerns all performances, except those postponed from the current season and those involved with festivals Musica Sacra Maastricht and the Dutch Dance Festival (NDD).
For family and youth performances, we will present a (festive) drink for children and coffee and tea for parents.
If a performance has a free drink included in the ticket price, this will be shown on your ticket, as well as in the service mail you receive 48 hours in advance of the performance.

Be smart, pay by card!

We appreciate it when you use contactless payment methods (i.e. with debit card or mobile phone) as much as possible in our theatre. Contactless transactions have a positive effect on queues and will improve our service times. 

Booster seats

In our Papyruszaal you can use booster seats. During family and youth performances these are ready next to the hall entrances. For our other performances in the Papyruszaal you can get the booster seats at our service desk.

Ring-line hearing aids

In our Papyruszaal you can use ring-line hearing aids. The hearing aid makes sure you can here the sound at the hall well. You can pick up the hearing aids at our service desk before the performance.


Wolfgang is a smartphone app for live classical music. While the orchestra is playing, Wolfgang tells you what is happening ‐ at the very moment ‐ in the music. Wolfgang lets you experience the richness of classical music like never before.

More info about WOLFGANG


We want to inform you accurately and up-to-date. If you buy a ticket for one of our performances, leave your e-mail address at the UITbalie. Then you'll receive a service mail on the day before the performance with the last practical information about this performance. The service mails of the performances of Philzuid contain a digital introduction to the performance.

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